The Society wishes to recognize and encourage excellence in archival and historical work for the local church, annual conference, jurisdictional or central conference. It seeks nominations from members of the General Commission on Archives and History, the Historical Society, chairs of Conference commissions, and others.


  • 2021 - Helen G. Clear, Western Pennsylvania Conference

  • 2021 - Karen Nachbar Staulters, Upper New York Conference

  • 2020 - E. Frances Long, North Texas Conference 

  • 2020 - Thelma Boeder, Minnesota Conference

  • 2019 - Nell Thrift, Florida Annual Conference

  • 2018 - Lawrence F. Sherwood, West Virginia Annual Conference

  • 2018 -  John and Nancy Topolewski, Upper New York Annual Conference

  • 2017 - Jean Traster, South Central Jurisdiction

  • 2017 - Maureen Vetter, South Central Jurisdiction

  • 2017 - Richard Crisman, North Central Jurisdiction

  • 2017 - Shirley and Donald Knepp, Western Jurisdiction

  • 2016 - Phil Lawton - Northeastern Jurisdiction

  • 2015 - John J. Baughman - North Central Jurisdiction

  • 2014 - Patti Russell - Southeastern Jurisdiction

  • 2013 - Lila Hill - Western Jurisdiction

  • 2012 - Roy Howard - Southeastern Jurisdiction

  • 2011 - John Gooch - South Central Jurisdiction

  • 2010 - Milton Loyer - Northeastern Jurisdiction

  • 2009 - Lois Olsen - North Central Jurisdiction

  • 2008 - Richard Seiber, Western Jurisdiction

  • 2007 - Lonise Robinson, Northeastern Jurisdiction





The Ministry of Memory Award (MoM) is granted by the Historical Society of The United Methodist Church, with the support of the General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church, to recognize and encourage excellence in archival and historical work in the local church, annual conference, jurisdictional or central conference.

This award is intended to complement the Distinguished Service Award granted by the General Commission on Archives and History as that award recognizes national or international leadership, frequently in academia.  The Ministry of Memory Award recognizes someone who has served with distinction in the local church, annual, jurisdictional, or central conference.  

You may consider any person, clergy or lay, who has demonstrated superior work in one or more areas of archival or historical work within or beyond the local church.  You may consider such activities as:

  • Collecting records

  • Recording oral histories

  • Leading archival/historical groups

  • Teaching archival methods

  • Creating videos

  • Caring for and preserving records

  • Writing history

  • Preparing exhibits

  • Presenting history (living history, lectures, etc.)

Annual, jurisdictional, and central conferences through their Commissions on Archives and History or Historical Societies, will be invited each year by letter to participate in nominating a person.  Nominations may also be submitted by organizations and individuals by completing the nomination form available below. 

The nomination deadline for consideration in 2022 is February 28, 2022.  Nominations may be submitted using the attached form and sent to the General Secretary of the General Commission on Archives and History, Ashley Dreff at

P.O. Box 127
36 Madison Avenue 
Madison, NJ 07940-0127

The invitations will be sent immediately following the annual meeting of the Historical Society for consideration for the award(s) of the following year.  A nomination will remain under consideration for three years from the year of submission.  After that time, if not granted, the nomination will lapse, and would have to be submitted anew.  A nomination may be updated at any time.

The award will be officially granted at the annual meeting of the HSUMC.  The recipient may be present to receive the award at that time, or the award may be presented at a time and place appropriate to the recipient.  Even when given in a different setting, the plaque will designate the time and location of the official granting at the annual meeting.  The award includes a one year membership to the Historical Society of The United Methodist Church.  If Society finances allow, a small stipend may accompany the award to enable the recipient to travel to a presentation.  

Normally there will be one award a year, however multiple Ministry of Memory awards may be granted at the discretion of the selection committee, and with the approval of the Board of the HSUMC.

While the committee wishes to be thorough in its consideration of each candidate, the effectiveness of an application is not proportional to its volume.  Testimonials should be edited to avoid repetition.  The application need not be as detailed as a curriculum vita.  Generally, the presentation is based upon the information in the application, and many settings for the presentation (including the HSUMC annual meeting) are time-sensitive.

Please help the Historical Society recognize the faithful service of someone who enables the church to remember the stories of those who have come before us.