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This designation will be given to the outstanding book on United Methodist history or a related subject published during a given year.




  • 2018: Ted Campbell, Encoding Methodism: Telling and Retelling Narratives of Wesleyan Origins, New Room Books.

  • 2017: Paul W. Chilcote, A Faith That Sings: Biblical Themes in the Lyrical Theology of Charles WesleyCascade Press.

  • 2016: Russell E. Richey, Methodism in the American ForestOxford University Press.

  • 2015: Tash Smith, Capture Those Indians for the Lord: Indians, Methodist and Oklahomans 1844-1939University of Arizona Press.

  • 2014: Charles Yrigoyen and Susan E. Warrick, editors, Historical Dictionary of Methodism 3rd edition, Scarecrow Press.

  • 2013: Randy L. Maddox, Doctrinal and Controversial Treatises on Soteriology, volume 12 of the Works of John WesleyAbingdon Press.

  • 2012: Jennifer Woodruff Tait, The Poisoned Chalice: Eucharistic Grape Juice and Common-sense Realism in Victorian MethodismUniversity of Alabama Press.

  • 2011: Russell E. Richey, Kenneth E. Rowe, and Jean Miller Schmidt, The Methodist Experience in America, Volume 1, Abingdon Press.

  • 2010: John Wigger, Francis Asbury and the MethodistsOxford University Press.

  • 2009: Charles Yrigoyen, Jr., John McEllhenney, Kenneth Rowe, United Methodism at Forty: Looking Backward, Looking Forward, Abingdon.

  • 2008: Rex Matthews. Timetables of History for Students of MethodismAbingdon Press.

  • 2007: John R. Tyson, In the Midst of Early Methodism: Lady Huntingdon and Her Correspondence, Scarecrow Press.

  • 2006: Robert Bray, Peter Cartwright: Legendary Frontier PreacherUniversity of Illinois Press.





The following selection criteria have been adopted:


  1. The selection should achieve a balance between the scholarly and the popular. The selection should be respectable and readable, serious and accessible.

  2. The selection should be on a significant subject of general interest to United Methodist audiences, that is, related to Methodist history or polity or theology or biography or similar matters.

  3. The entry will have been published during the specified calendar year.

  4. A publisher may submit more than one entry in a given year.


The Society, upon making the selection, promotes the sale of the book among its membership and beyond. This is done through public announcement in the church press, through encouragement in the publications of the Society, through a celebration of the book at the Society’s annual meeting and in other venues. The publishing company is free to engage in whatever promotional activities it may choose in connection with the award. Appropriate plaques are presented to the author and to the publisher.





Entries should be submitted before March 1 by completing the attached entry blank and sending it, along with four copies of the work to:


Linda A. Schramm
Saddlebag Selection Award Coordinator
244 S. Elk Street
Sandusky, MI 48471


The selection committee will complete its deliberations by April 15 and announce the result immediately thereafter. HSUMC members and others may make nominations to Linda Schramm, who will complete the process with the publishers.