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11:00-5:00             HSUMC Board Meeting


1:30-5:00               Registration/Check-in


3:30-4:00               Shuttle to UTS (from the hotels)


5:00-6:30               Dinner


6:30-8:30               WELCOME and OPENING WORSHIP

         Preacher: Bishop Gregory Palmer

  • This event will also feature the showing of a film on the 1968 Uniting Conference.


8:30-9:00               Shuttle back to hotels


7:00-8:00               Breakfast in the hotels


8:00-8:30               Shuttle to UTS  (from the hotels)


8:30-9:00               Devotion

          (Registration continues, up to 12:00 pm)


9:00-10:30             PLENARY 1

                                “Merging the Streams: 17th and 18th Centuries”
                                Steven O’Malley

10:30-11:00           Break (Group Picture)

11:00-12:30           PLENARY 2

                                “Merging the Streams: 19th and 20th Centuries”
                                Scott Kisker and Jennifer Woodruff-Tait

12:30-2:00             Lunch

2:00-4:00               PLENARY 3

                               “Merging the Streams: Women in Ministry”
                                Sarah Blair, Wendy Deichmann, and

                                Patricia Thompson

4:00-4:30               Break

4:30-6:30               PLENARY 4

                                “Merging the Streams: Racial Inclusion”
                                Morris Davis, William Davis, Jim Shopshire, Sr.,
                                and Ian Straker

6:30-9:00               DINNER, FELLOWSHIP, and REMINISCENCES

  • This event will feature the singing of EUB hymns, choruses from the McKinley UMC Gospel Choir, and a panel of former EUBs.

9:00-9:30               Shuttle back to hotels

6:30-7:30               Breakfast in the hotels


7:30-8:00               Shuttle to UTS (from the hotels)


8:00-8:30               Devotion


8:30-10:00             PLENARY 5

                               “Merging the Streams: 50 Years Later”
                                Russell Richey and Ted Campbell


10:00-10:15           Break


10:15-12:00           HSUMC and NCJCAH Joint Business Meeting


12:00-1:00             Lunch


1:00-3:30               HSUMC and NCJCAH Joint Business Meeting


3:30-3:45               Break


3:45-4:45               SPECIAL PLENARY

                               “Emerging Issues in Archives”
                                L. Dale Patterson


4:45-5:00               Break


5:00-6:30               PAPER PRESENTATIONS (breakout sessions)


6:30-9:00               BANQUET and CLOSING WORSHIP

  • The banquet will include a re-enactment from the West Ohio Conference, the awarding of the Ministry of Memory and Saddlebag Selection Book Awards, and a presentation from the Saddlebag Book Award recipient.


9:00-9:30               Shuttle back to hotels


7:00-8:00               Breakfast in the hotels


8:00-                      The Hanby Legacy Tour

  • The bus will pick-up passengers from the hotels beginning 8:00 am. It should be back in Dayton by 8:00 pm. Cost: $30

8:30-                      The Otterbein Lebanon Home Tour

  • The bus will pick-up passengers from the hotels beginning 8:30 am. It should be back in Dayton by 4:00 pm. Cost: $30

5:30-                      GCAH Board Meeting begins


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